d init packetR ((no email))
Fri, 07 Jan 1994 16:36:53 -0600 (CST)


Thanks for the plentiful messages about the UltraLite--I'm beginning to
get a feel for what the machine is like!

Two other questions come to mind: how fast does that V30 processor run?
And how well does the LapLink program work? It would be more convenient
for me to upload files to my Apple than to save things to an IBM floppy,
since, due to school commitments, the Apple is my main machine. With the
notebook I am currently using (a Tandy WP-2), I just plug in the serial
cable and go--tell the WP-2 to send or receive, and Apple Writer to do vice

The biggest advantage I see so far for the UltraLite is mainframe
telecommunications. My WP-2 will not do a VT100 emulation, and it does not
have a built-in modem. It looks like I could load Kermit into the Ultra-
Lite and do that very well (assuming LapLink would also let me get .EXE
and .COM files into the machine).

Mark Shields