Re: Additions to earlier post on modems used with Ultralite.

Fritz Friedlaender (starnet!apple!!fritzj)
Thu, 6 Jan 94 23:31:32 -0500

Additional data from home: I am using a Practical Peripherals fax/modem
PM14400FX MT at 14400 bps, V.32bis with V.42 data compression and
error-control capability connected to port 1 of the Ultralite.
A 16550A UART chip is recommended. Modem connects to Ultralite at
57600 bps - needed for max. speed with compression though modems
connect at 14400 bps only (max) to each other. Actually, the main frame
to which the called modem connects currently only supports 38400 bps
connection to the modem - this places an upper limit on max. bps,
with compression.

Actual battery data: NiMH Battery Hard Pack (NEC replacement):
PC-17-86, ... Capacity 1100mAh (Battery Watch -BW- claims 800mAh).
Code at bottom: 113H
Does anybody have data on recalled battery?? How can you tell that
we have received the "safe" and not an old-style battery?
I did not have enough sense to keep a complete record of original
battery - suffering from "overload", never able to catch up,
even though it's well over 30 years since I was an "official" student.

Fritz Friedlaender