Re: External Modem

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Thu, 6 Jan 1994 14:20:18 -0800 (PST)

1. A program exists (for both DOS and Windows) called PCUCP that
will allow a user to easily manipulate multiple Un*x sessions.
Look for this w/ archie or something. If you can't find it,
then bug me and I'll uuencode you a copy :)

2. I run Linux, and am an avid supporter (usually :) or 'term'. This
Is a program designed to, more or less, imitate SLIP for
certain applications. A program called SLAP is currently
being developed to approximate SLIP even more closely, for
use w/ non-SLIP servers. Term does not come in separate
server/client source. There is one source, and it is used
on both ends (w/ a minor change in the config file). It
is written to be run in a Un*x environment, and I can't
ever imagine it running in anything even resembling DOS...
(Sorry, guys...)

I'd recommend getting the DOS version of PCUCP. It even supports background
file transfers... The Windows version has cut 'n' paste :)...

--Travis Swanston