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Fritz Friedlaender (starnet!apple!!fritzj)
Thu, 6 Jan 94 17:09:52 -0500

Let me follow up on the discussion of battery life and modem use
on the NEC Ultralite without wasting space by reposting.

1. Battery life: The main battery (recalled and replaced by NEC) lasted
1h 45min. on the first try - I usually run off the mains but will make
another battery run soon. According to Battery Watch (commercial, old
program written for specific laptops years ago) claims that I am at 75%
of rated capacity. But it also claims that the battery has a much lower
capacity than shown on the label - a contradiction! I didn't keep a record
of the label on the original battery - did anybody?
When I first bought the Ultralite, the built-in battery lasted some
8 days without loss of memory. I did NOT carry this experiment to the
point were memory was lost on silicon disk, nor have I rechecked after
years of use.

2. Modems: External port (1) works well with 14400 baud modem with
3.2bis or whatever compression, requiring 57600 baud modem to
computer connection. Who knows what UART the NEC is using? - It must
be high-speed (forgot the numbers, modem is at home) UART, but were
they available when NEC was made? Kermit tests capability of port and
will not accept port otherwise, as it appears to me!

That's my answer to recent questions; no guaranties.

Fritz Friedlaender