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Brian Smithson (starnet!apple!eit.COM!brian)
Thu, 6 Jan 94 08:12:10 PST

>Battery problems? How long will a fully-charged battery last? Does it go
>down while the machine is sitting idle? Do the batteries wear out and have
>to be replaced? Replacements available? Price?

Depending on use and system settings, batteries last in the range of one to
two hours. I'm guessing, because I haven't had the new replacement batteries
from NEC (after they recalled the old ones) for very long.

There are two batteries in the UltraLite -- one for main operation, and one
for keeping the silicon disk alive while the unit is powered off. The latter
battery must be charged up every week or so, otherwise your disk contents
go away. I assume that this is what you meant by "going down while sitting

I suppose that the batteries wear out eventually. NEC recalled mine before
I had any such problem. Replacements are, evidently, available from NEC.
I don't know what the price is. I'm also not sure if the old pre-recall
batteries are available anywhere anymore.

>Does the Ultralite have a 2400-baud internal modem? Yes, I know, nothing
>is ever fast enough! :-)

Yes, 2400 baud but no MNP or V.42bis. You can hook up an external modem
to the serial port if you want something faster.

>How about the lack of a parallel port? Or did they finally add one?

There are two options: there is an external 3.5" floppy drive from NEC
which also contains a parallel port, and there is a parallel port adapter.
The floppy drive is quite a bit more common, because most people want to
have a floppy drive available. The parallel port adapter is useful because
(unlike the floppy drive) you can run it without the UltraLite AC adapter.

>BTW, what seems to be the going price for a used Ultralite (1 and 2 meg)?

Anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on configuration, accessories, etc.

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