Re: External Modem

Douglas Brantley ((no email))
Wed, 05 Jan 1994 13:28:21 -0800 (PST)

>Has anyone successfully used an external (say, 14.4k) modem w/
>their Ultralite?

Yes. Worked just fine.

>Has anyone successfully used *both* an external modem and a mouse
>w/ their Ultralite? I recall seeing devices allowing serial
>devices to be run through a parallel port (eg, chaining off the
>floppy drive) - has anyone managed to do this?


>Lastly (and this is a shot in the dark here), has anyone come
>across a telecom program with an interface akin to Telix that
>allows X-window-like mouse control? (copy/paste) The MARKIT TSR I
>recently found tends to interfere with Telix and cause the
>occasional system hang? And even further in the realm of
>impossibility, found a telecom program that will run on the
>Ultralite, and can do multiple sessions via a server on Unix...
>when the Unix is AIX? (UWPC is out).

Depends where the multiple sessions reside, locally or remote.

Remote multiple sessions would the function of the terminal
server. This is fairly easy.

Local multiple sessions would require X-windows and a SLIP
connection. The UL is too slow for something like this.