External Modem

Joshua Sean Bell ((no email))
Wed, 5 Jan 94 10:07:51 MST

Has anyone successfully used an external (say, 14.4k) modem w/
their Ultralite?

Has anyone successfully used *both* an external modem and a mouse
w/ their Ultralite? I recall seeing devices allowing serial
devices to be run through a parallel port (eg, chaining off the
floppy drive) - has anyone managed to do this?

Lastly (and this is a shot in the dark here), has anyone come
across a telecom program with an interface akin to Telix that
allows X-window-like mouse control? (copy/paste) The MARKIT TSR I
recently found tends to interfere with Telix and cause the
occasional system hang? And even further in the realm of
impossibility, found a telecom program that will run on the
Ultralite, and can do multiple sessions via a server on Unix...
when the Unix is AIX? (UWPC is out).


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