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Wed, 05 Jan 1994 14:12:07 -0600 (CST)


I'm new to the list--fascinated to discover it in a book on the Internet,
since I got Ultralite fever a couple of years ago, when DAK was selling them.
Never managed to get one.

Battery problems? How long will a fully-charged battery last? Does it go
down while the machine is sitting idle? Do the batteries wear out and have
to be replaced? Replacements available? Price?

Does the Ultralite have a 2400-baud internal modem? Yes, I know, nothing
is ever fast enough! :-)

How about the lack of a parallel port? Or did they finally add one?

BTW, what seems to be the going price for a used Ultralite (1 and 2 meg)?

Mark Shields