Re: Disk Drive/Parallel Port for original Ultralight wanted

mycroft ((no email))
Mon, 1 Nov 1993 18:02:43 -0500 (EST)

> How would I boot anything without a floppy drive???
Using the laplink program in ROM, but you'd need the serial cable to
connect to another MSDOS machine or else use the internal modem for
the connection. It's possible to manage without the disk drive, but
you'd need access to another computer *and* the serial cable to do
it conveniently.

> How much is a triffle?
Less than the $50 you've already been offered, alas.
> > It's possible that DAK or JEM have some drives and/or parallel adapters
> > left, and they might be worth calling.
> Already tried DAK, but not JEM. Who is JEM?
JEM is a mailorder company in Boston that has, in the past, advertised
Ultralites and accessories for sale. They might still have the parallel
port adapters in stock. Their number is 617-254-5500.