Re: Disk Drive/Parallel Port for original Ultralight wanted

B.A. Doehner (starnet!apple!!bad1679)
Mon, 1 Nov 1993 12:24:00 -0500 (EST)

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> Subject: Re: Disk Drive/Parallel Port for original Ultralight wanted
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> > > Bernie
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> > Nah, don't do that... the machine's usable even without the diskdrive/
> > parallel port. On the other paw, if that's what you've decided to do,
> > I'd be willing to pay a trifle over the shipping costs for the machine
> > and new battery... as will more than a few other subscribers to this
> > list, I'll wager. ;)
> How would I boot anything without a floppy drive??? I can't even get to
> the serial port because of the strange DIN plug that NEC decided to use
> (middle pin turned 90 degrees), which I can't find anywhere.
> ......deleted....
> There is/was an electronics store in Freiburg where I bought 10 or so DIN plugs
> for about $2.00 each a few years ago - all for members of this group.
> Don't expect to be in that neighborhood until next summer if you can
> wait that long (and remind me ...). I'd be willing to take the Ultralite
> off your hands (with battery) if you want to save the disposal fee and have
> a few dolars left (my contribution) to use in the office where I don't
> have any MS DOS capabilities, only UNIX.
> P.S. Freiburg happens to be in Germany, and a 4000 miles + trip each way is
> hardly justified for a $2.00 item!

Hallo FJF,

Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Antwort. Es ist ziemlich hoffnungslos in den
Staaten Teile fuer den Ultralite zu finden. Deshalb verkaufe ich es.

Mir hat ein Typ in Hawaii schon $50 angeboten und ich wuerde es ihm
gerne verkaufen, falls Sie nicht mehr bieten wollen.

Mit fruendlischen Gruessen,

Bernd Doehner