Re: Disk Drive/Parallel Port for original Ultralight wanted

Brian Smithson (starnet!apple!eit.COM!brian)
Mon, 1 Nov 93 16:49:28 PST

On Nov 1, 4:20pm, mycroft wrote:
> > How would I boot anything without a floppy drive???

> Using the laplink program in ROM, but you'd need the serial cable to
> connect to another MSDOS machine or else use the internal modem for
> the connection. It's possible to manage without the disk drive, but
> you'd need access to another computer *and* the serial cable to do
> it conveniently.

Alternatively, if you can find some kind soul who has a RAMcard, you could
use that to copy something like Procomm onto your UltraLite and then
use Procomm and the internal modem to upload/download programs and
files thereafter.

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