FAXing to/from the UltraLite

Brian Smithson (brian@piano.grot.starconn.com)
Sun, 31 Oct 1993 11:41:22 -0800

I recently bought a used "pocket" modem which does 2400 baud data and
9600 baud FAX. I bought it for my Casio Z-7000 Zoomer, but since I don't
yet have a serial cable :-(, I needed to try it out on something and
the UltraLite was handy. It came with software, so I figured what the
heck and loaded it up. Well, lo and behold, the software was intended
for fairly low-end laptops and it runs just fine on the UltraLite!
It didn't take a ton of disk space (about 1MB with examples and templates
and other fluff) and works just fine on the old mono CGA display.
I sent a FAX to myself (two phone lines come in handy sometimes) and
it works great. I didn't try FAX receive, but I have no reason to believe
that it wouldn't work; the receive TSR loaded up and sat there patiently.

Along with the FAX software (compose, send, receive, preview), it has
a decent terminal emulator (VT102 and the usual XMODEM, YMODEM, YMODEM-G
and YMODEM-batch) and a dialing directory. The dialing directory system
has a rather nice feature for road warriors like me -- you can set up
eight named locations, each with their own area code, local call prefix,
long distance call prefix, and long distance call suffix. Very nice
for handling home, office PBX, and various hotel PBXs, with or without
calling card codes and stuff like that.

So, if you're interested in FAXing to or from your UltraLite, I can
(without having tested it extensively) recommend this package. The
software is called "MTEZ" and it's from MagicSoft Inc. The software
came bundled with a modem from Megahertz Corp, model P224FMV.

Oh, the modem is cute too. About the size of a pack of Camel straights.
No indicator lights, but it does have a tiny speaker. Runs on two AA
cells or AC adaptor.

I got it used for $90. I think the same place has a new one for $100.
Those prices aren't that great, so shop around, but if you're local to
Sunnyvale CA, it's at Action Computer Surplus on Lawrence Expwy (across
from Fry's Electronics and next to Disk Drive Depot).

-Brian Smithson