Re: Intermittently dead UL

Todd Inch (starnet!apple!!toddi)
Thu, 17 Jun 1993 09:07:10 -0800 (PDT)

starnet!grot!starnet!apple!ENH.NIST.GOV!ITANO@sun.Eng.Sun.COM said:
> Recently, my Ultralite refused to turn on. I could hear the
> high-pitched sound and the screen was very dark, but not totally
> dark. There were none of the normal beeps which would indicate
> that it was booting up. The battery was freshly charged. No
> amount of fiddling with the on-off switch would get it to come
> on. Today I tried it again, and it came on normally. I have
> heard of Ultralites dying, but has anyone had an intermittent
> problem like this? I suspect the switch. Does anyone have
> advice on cleaning it? Also, are there any special tricks to
> opening up the Ultralite? Any other ideas on what the problem
> could be?

I did have some sort of similar problem a while back. I resocketed
something on the back under one of the covers, but don't recall what
now. I DIDN'T mess with the long battery or the ramdisk card, and the
ramdisk was just fine when it booted.

BTW - I dropped mine with the lid open about 3' onto a concrete floor.
The only damage was the ramdisk card loosened itself and lost power,
therefore data. I've glued it in for next time (optimistic, no?)

And while I'm rambling, does anyone know how the long skinny battery
(for ramdisk memory and clock/setup memory, right?) works with regards
to the power low light and boot message and CHARGING led on the AC
adapter? I left mine for about 2 weeks with no use (after it was fully
charged.) I noticed the low-battery indications, but fresh battery pack
didn't help and after only about 10 minutes of AC connection the red
led on the AC adapter went out.

Also - has anybody figured out how to get a different DOS (e.g. DOS 5
or DOS 6) to boot? I haven't looked yet to see if it's ridiculously
huge and impractical (probably).