battery cycles

David B. Reiser (starnet!apple!!reiserdb)
Mon, 21 Jun 93 09:27:57 -0400

>And while I'm rambling, does anyone know how the long skinny battery
>(for ramdisk memory and clock/setup memory, right?) works with regards
>to the power low light and boot message and CHARGING led on the AC
>adapter? I left mine for about 2 weeks with no use (after it was fully
>charged.) I noticed the low-battery indications, but fresh battery pack
>didn't help and after only about 10 minutes of AC connection the red
>led on the AC adapter went out.

I'm not sure what it all means, but I'd been maintaining my UL on a an almost
completely non-use cycle, recharging it once a week; and it displayed some
interesting oscillations. One week it would be fully recharged in less than
half an hour, and the next it took several hours before the charge light
would go out. This two week cycle was very predictable.

Two weeks from a full charge is getting close to the limit. Three weeks won't
make it.

BTW, anyone want to buy a 2 meg UL? (with extra battery pack). The combination
of an HP95 and Mac Powerbook makes my UL mostly extraneous. Once I let it get
to the three week memory lapse (mine and its), I find I'm not motivated to
rebuild from a not-too-recent backup...