Re: Intermittently dead UL

Sanjay Sinha (starnet!apple!!sanjay)
Wed, 16 Jun 93 17:10:02 EDT

> Recently, my Ultralite refused to turn on. I could hear the
> high-pitched sound and the screen was very dark, but not totally
> dark. There were none of the normal beeps which would indicate
> that it was booting up. The battery was freshly charged. No
> amount of fiddling with the on-off switch would get it to come
> on. Today I tried it again, and it came on normally. I have
> heard of Ultralites dying, but has anyone had an intermittent
> problem like this? I suspect the switch. Does anyone have
> advice on cleaning it? Also, are there any special tricks to
> opening up the Ultralite?

>Any other ideas on what the problem
> could be?

Life after death?
Wouldn't you like the UL to speak to you about it's experiences.

> Wayne Itano,