Need help deleting file.

chet (motcsd!apple!arc!chet)
Mon, 6 Jul 92 09:55:17 PDT

I purchased a RAMCARD from a private party with some software
preloaded. One of the programs, emacs, worked fine for a while, then
mysteriously got corrupted, started working wrong and eventually
would not run at all. ( You just get "Borland divide by 0 error" or
something printed out in an endless loop.)

Anyway, I got another copy of emacs which runs fine on drive B:, but I
can't delete the copy on the RAMCARD. When I try to delete it, either
with the MSDOS delete command, or MSDOS Manager, I get an error
message along the lines of: "can't delete file. disk write protected or
file protection set."

I've tried changing the Protect switch on the ramcard.

How in blazes do you change file protection on MSDOS? I've asked three
people around here whom I thought were MSDOS gurus. One suggested the
"ATTR" command, which doesn't exist on the Ultralite.



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