Re: Booting problem when MS Works is in the ROM card slot...

Brian Smithson (brian)
Mon, 6 Jul 92 15:36:18 PDT

> Hello,
> I was playing around with the dvorak.asm code I sent out when I messed
> up my UL. A bad copy of link.exe crashed the whole system, and now
> it won't boot from the c: drive unless I remove my MS Works ROM card
> from the card slot. Hmmm... it used to work fine.
> I have tried reinitializing the C: drive with no luck. Can the
> configuration switches next to the card slot be set so that the UL
> won't try to boot from the card?

No, the config switches are for clock speed, screen brightness,
single- or double-dot characteres, and a built-in test program.

However, you can run SETUP.EXE, select "BOOT FROM B:", and select "No".
That will set the boot search sequence to A:,C:,D:. You can only
have B: in the boot search if (1) there's no card in the slot, or
(2) there's a RAMcard installed with boot files on it.

Sounds like whatever you did trashed some of the SETUP data?

-Brian Smithson
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