Possible source for mini-DIN cable

Greg Kulosa (harper!gkulosa@uunet.UU.NET)
Wed, 8 Apr 92 12:02:01 CDT

There was some talk here a while ago about getting a source for
mini-DIN connectors for the Ultralite. I have found a small source in
a catalog, but don't know if it is what ya'll were looking for.
(Note: I don't own an Ultralite, I only read the list for the Misc.
laptop tips (I do own Panasonic CF-270)).

Anyway, here is the info:

Mac Mini-DIN Cable. 6-Foot 8-pin Male to Male $3.95

Seen in the April 1992, 'Nuts & Volts Magazine' Inside front

Available From:

HSC Electronic Supply

If this turns out not to be the cable that ya'll needed, at least you
can get two connectors with 3-feet of cable each for $3.95

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