Logitech Trackman Portable for sale

Brian Smithson (brian)
Thu, 9 Apr 92 7:06:29 PDT

Well, I like the Appoint Thumbelina enough that I'd like to sell my
Logitech Trackman Portable. Its a rather nice two-button trackball
which clips to the side of the UltraLite. I've only used it with
GeoWorks Ensemble, but I have no reason to believe that it doesn't
work with everything else just fine.

They go for $95-$110 in ads I saw in Computer Shopper, and I'd part with
mine for $70. That isn't much of a discount, but this particular one
has been painstakingly modified to have a custom cable for the infamous
UltraLite serial connector. The cable is just the perfect length to reach
from the right-hand side of the UltraLite around to the back where the
serial connector goes, and there are no intervening adaptors or any other
kludgey stuff. The plug end is molded and the other end is properly

Included with the Trackman is the original cable (in case you want to convert
it back), both mounting clips (one of them works decidedly better with the
UltraLite), Logitech's driver and utilities disk, manual, and a truly
worthless carrying pouch.

-Brian Smithson
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