Re: GeoWorks/ROM

Brian Smithson (brian)
Tue, 17 Mar 92 23:41:24 PST

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 92 03:30:44 -0800
From: Bryan Chow <bryanc@ocf.Berkeley.EDU>

It seems like most of the people on this mailing list use their Ultralites
for serious stuff like MKS. Well, here's what I have:

Norton Commander
Simply the BEST dos shell ever! It's amazing that even on my desktop
I still use the same program. It's a better shell than DOS manager,
a better file transfer program than LapLink, plus it's got a built-in
file editor and user-defined menu program all in about 140K (okay, so
140K is quite a lot)

Turbo C
I've trimmed Turbo C 1.5 (Borland C++ won't fit) to 420K including
the integrated environment and CGA BGI. I don't think I'll actually
write any programs on my UL, but it just feels pretty cool to have a
C compiler on my notebook.

After I got my UL I dug up a bunch of old CGA, XT-type games like
Ancient Art of War, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, etc. I've
lost my Tetris and I'm looking for LodeRunner - anyone has a copy he's
willing to part with? :)
I also had Ultima V on it but it took 770K so that didn't stay too long...
There's this really cool game called 4D Sports Boxing. It features
virtual-reality-like player view in 3D polygon graphics. It looks really
cool on VGA with a fast processor, but it's not bad on the UL too.
Then of course I have some one-file games like Space Invaders (9K),
Archon, Sopwith, etc. The only reason they're there is cos they take
so little space.

A comm program in 10K! I found out about this program from the mailing
list - it's small and it gets the job done (from
If only everyone wrote programs so efficient.....