Re: your mail

Kong-Kin Pitt Cheang (
Tue, 24 Mar 92 17:01:08 CST

> Turbo C
> I've trimmed Turbo C 1.5 (Borland C++ won't fit) to 420K including
> the integrated environment and CGA BGI. I don't think I'll actually
> write any programs on my UL, but it just feels pretty cool to have a
> C compiler on my notebook.

I do managed to put Turbo C++ in my ultralite with stacker 1.0 installed
, I also have a Lync2.0 comm program and 3 editors, Qedit, Norton Editor
and a clone vi editor. I put all the library included class libray, one
command line only C++ compiler, linker.
Right now I still have about 1200000 bytes lefts.