Re: DAK is advertising again

Brian Smithson (
Sun, 23 Feb 1992 21:55:17 -0800

On Feb 23, 10:12pm, Sean M Burke wrote:
> Subject: Re: DAK is advertising again
> Quite a few people still want one due to the durability of the hard drive
> in the UL. It can be banged around and still boot. I dropped mine down a
> flight of steps a while ago, and after I put all of the covers back on, it
> booted right up. Try doing that with a mechanical HD laptop.
Good point. I liked the durability of the GRiD Compass when I had a bunch
of them (and 2MB of silicon disk seems like Wyoming compared to the 384KB
of bubble memory on the GRiDs!). I was a little concerned that the
UltraLite wasn't as generally rugged as the magnesium-encased, space-
flight-tested Compass line, but it is encouraging (in a perverse sort of
way) to hear that your's works after a drop like that. I guess that
stair flight testing is more realistic than space flight testing for
most people anyway!

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