Re: DAK is advertising again

Brian Smithson (
Sun, 23 Feb 1992 21:50:21 -0800

On Feb 23, 9:03pm, Fritz Friedlaender wrote:
> Subject: Re: DAK is advertising again
> Is the Ultralite still a good buy? Tredex and others have been
> selling the Sharp PC6220 (286 Notebook, same weight as UL, but with
> 20MB hard drive ... with more advanced features). For only a few more $$
> one can get much more now, such as Fax/Modem with error correction, VGA,
> and more.

It's not such a good deal at $699 or $899, in my not-necessarily-humble
opinion. That's why I was suggesting that we write Drew some letters.
Other notebooks, such as the Sharp, are going for similar prices and
have 286's and mono VGA displays and more memory. Basically, there are
a bunch of 286's out there with DOS4.01 (yuck) in ROM that are being
heavily discounted because of pressure from the 386SX and DOS5.0.

> P.S. I'll stick to the UL for now - couldn't get what Drew is getting
> if I tried to sell it! And I've developed some attachment to the UL.

Me too. I still think it's cute and will probably keep using it until
I can get something *way* better for under $1000 -- like a 386 with VGA,
4MB of memory, 80MB of disk, and more battery time (like 4 hours plus) --
and of course, when I have a spare $1000 to spend.

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