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Sun, 23 Feb 1992 22:02:26 -0800

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> Subject: Re: DAK is advertising again
> I always thought what made the UltraLite unique was that there were no
> moving (mechanical) parts, enabling lower power consumption, lighter
> weight, and a sturdier/smaller/integrated package. Of course, today's
> notebooks can compete with the above parameters, but I
> still feel the Ultralite is "one of a kind."
> Perhaps with the new RAM-card standards like JEIDA(?), the philosophy
> of the Ultralite would return in a larger RAMdisk notebook.
It has to some extent, but DOS and Windows and most PC applications
aren't terribly ROMable and they're just plain pigs for disk space.
I think that where we'll see the best headway in the arena of ROMcards
and RAMcards is with pen-based notebooks that don't use DOS or Windows
or PenWindows or any of that stuff. Something more along the lines of
PenPoint from Go. Frankly, that's a bit more what I've been looking for
in a notebook computer anyway. More of a notebook, and less of a computer.

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