Re: Small communication program

Peter Hill (
Sun, 28 Jul 91 13:07:29 MDT

> Does anyone have a recommendation on a small communication pro-
> gram with either X/Y/Z modem file transfer capability besides
> DGTERM? I have problem downloading with it (keeps me giving error
> and retry messages all the time). I tried with no TSR's and it
> still didn't work.

I found I can't use DGTERM with other software, i.e. the MKS toolkit.

However, CONTROL-ALT-FN-DELETE and run DGTERM from a virgin DOS system,
and it works fine. I use both XMODEM and YMODEM at 2400bps (modem) and
19200bps (serial connection to a Sun workstation).

Is there a version of DGTERM that isn't a TSR?

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