Small communication program

Hyunsuk Seung (
Thu, 25 Jul 91 01:37:06 EDT

Does anyone have a recommendation on a small communication pro-
gram with either X/Y/Z modem file transfer capability besides
DGTERM? I have problem downloading with it (keeps me giving error
and retry messages all the time). I tried with no TSR's and it
still didn't work.

By the way, I found a neat keyboard enhancer program called
DKEY. I configured it so my <ESC> & <`> are swapped (nice feature
if you're using emacs), while storing phone numbers in some key
combinations (like <Shift F1>). It takes about 3K in memory.

P.S. Thanks for the information about the LCD noise, Brian. I'm
glad my display isn't a defect... actually I'm so used to it that
I don't hear them nowadays ^_^

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