D. Brahm (
Wed, 24 Jul 91 12:39:49 PDT


I just had nasty system crash, and wondered if anyone had experienced
anything similar. To the best of my memory, the sequence of events was:
1) I ran SHWGIF on CHERYL.GIF, and it gave a blank screen (though GREY15
had worked fine on the same GIF file).
2) I PKUNPAKJ'ed CHEKFREE.ARC, which expanded successfully.
3) My directory suddenly contained a subdirectory whose name consisted of
IBM extended characters. DOS was unable to go to this directory.
4) I ran CHKDSK /F, which gave lots of messages about such-and-such file
terminating at cluster xxxx, and claimed to recover 3 lost files.
5) Now I had several files whose names were IBM extended characters, and
some of my normal files had size 0.
6) Running CHKDSK /F again gave the same messages, and claimed to recover
the same 3 lost files. In fact, more files were now of size 0.
7) I tried to delete the bogus files with LapLink, but it didn't work.
8) I got to a PC, salvaged what I could, and re-initialized drive C:.

So can anyone guess what happened? A virus in one of the SIMTEL programs?
A cosmic ray? A bad sector? Take a lesson: Backup often!

-- David Brahm (