Re: Batteries (was: I Got One!)

Brian Smithson (
Fri, 28 Jun 1991 17:43:48 -0700

On Jun 28, 5:26pm, Peter Hill wrote:
> Subject: Batteries (was: I Got One!)
> Brian, does the "maintenance and service" manual have any warnings
> about replacing the NiCd battery? Looks pretty straightforward to me,
> although the PROM board that hides the battery connector seems fragile.
>-- End of excerpt from Peter Hill

No; it is part of the normal disassembly of the unit to remove the
ROM board and then the NiCd battery. There were no warnings, and
in fact there were no instructions other than "remove the NiCd battery".

I'd be careful with the ROM board too, but also with the NiCd battery.
It's connecting wires look pretty flimsy in comparison with the weight
and shape of the battery pack.

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