Batteries (was: I Got One!)

Peter Hill (
Fri, 28 Jun 91 17:26:28 MDT

> I'm a bit worried about that battery.

Me too. I called NEC. Here's the battery info:

NEC PC-17-76 Molicel battery, $119.00, in stock
NEC A73-160668-5 NiCd battery for PC-17-01 and PC-17-02, $95.95, in stock

Now, Molicels are available for $73 each postpaid from DAK, for however
long their stock lasts. They don't have the NiCd.

According to the "fast facts" spec sheet that Brian posted in May, each
Molicel will last for 400 recharge cycles, and the NiCd will last for
300 recharge cycles.

It looks like we'll each need one new NiCd battery every year. I
wonder how long NEC will continue to stock parts for an out-of-
production machine.

Brian, does the "maintenance and service" manual have any warnings
about replacing the NiCd battery? Looks pretty straightforward to me,
although the PROM board that hides the battery connector seems fragile.

Thanks. --Peter
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