Re: Batteries (was: I Got One!)
Mon, 1 Jul 91 10:27:26 EDT

> It looks like we'll each need one new NiCd battery every year. I
> wonder how long NEC will continue to stock parts for an out-of-
> production machine.

No, it shouldn't be *that* bad. Since the NiCad is good for 7 days,
you could get 7 years or so out of it. Also, if you leave it plugged
in for a month, that doesn't put any cycles on the battery.... It all
depends on how often you cycle it and also how deep each cycle is.

BTW, I ordered extra battery packs from DAK and was glad I did. Even
if they didn't wear out in a couple of years use, it is damn nice to be
able to pop in another and keep on going...