I Got One!

David Fiedler ((no email))
Thu, 27 Jun 91 21:45:59 PDT

This morning I got my Ultralite (at a truly bargain price, and
essentially brand new) and have had an interesting afternoon. After
trying for quite a while to get Laplink running on VP/ix (DOS under
UNIX), I finally gave up and rebooted my desktop system into DOS,
whereupon it worked fine to transfer a bunch of programs I desparately
needed. I've been picking stuff off by "hand" (xmodem) ever since.

The color renditions really stink on this thing, don't they? The removable
battery doesn't exactly whip right out, the keys aren't great, but it
really is fairly light and easy to read (at least in text mode, and no I
haven't had it outside yet).

I'm a bit worried about that battery. It seems pretty darn small, and
after the computer had been off for about 2 hours, I plugged the power
supply back in and it started charging up again. Though that could simply
be the memory backup. $70 is a little steep for something like that.
Anyone know what the charging current is? Maybe I could make up a little
Nicad pack that would fit there. Molicels may not have memory, but I bet
Nicads would last a heap longer than the 300 cycles this thing is rated
for (anyone else notice that?).

I wish there was a handy 12VDC input port, but there I go redesigning
things again...guess if I want to run it off 12VDC I should get one of
those Statpower modules, which can be handy for all kinds of things.

I haven't had it long enough to love or hate it yet, but I think it *will*
do everything I want it for.

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