dealer support/Microsoft Works

Tom Song (
Thu, 2 May 91 12:09:00 CDT

I walked into Egghead Software to see if any ROM cards were available for the
Ultralite before I actually purchased one. In unison, three salesmen told me
that the UL was a flop and that I should get a Toshiba T1000SE instead.

I have noticed the incredible prices for the Ultralite, and I wonder if there
is a reason why dealers want to get rid of them at discounts. Otherwise, I
have read PC Mag's reviews and have yet to find any substantial criticisms.

Also, are the refurbished ULs sold by Personalized Computing and IME earlier
versions of the UL which had a few problems (reflection on screen,
inaccesable battery, ect.) How about DAK? Do they sell the latest version?

One more thing. How useful is Microsoft Works. Is the wordprocessor usable
for long term papers? I would like to specifically know about ROM card

Thanks, Tom.