Why buy a UL?

Douglas Brantley, Cerritos College (BRANTLEY@Cerritos.EDU)
Thu, 2 May 1991 14:23 PDT

>I walked into Egghead Software to see if any ROM cards were available for the
>Ultralite before I actually purchased one. In unison, three salesmen told me
>that the UL was a flop and that I should get a Toshiba T1000SE instead.
I just purchased a UL. I currently do not see any need to
purchase a ROM card...but I want to know what is available on ROM
cards. And each time I walk into a software store I will make I
ask the salesperson what they have on UL ROM cards. In the past I
picked up software at incredible discount for older machines.

Almost all the software I use is public domain or shareware. Now
if this list gets REAL large and we could swing some muscle with
NEC and convince them to come out with a ROM card with a selected
set of public domain and shareware...that would convince me to
purchase a ROM card.

Or if I could find the 256 RAM card real cheap.....

One of my officemates just purchased the T1000SE. It is a fine
machine...but not as sexy as the UL.

>I have noticed the incredible prices for the Ultralite, and I wonder if there
>is a reason why dealers want to get rid of them at discounts. Otherwise, I
>have read PC Mag's reviews and have yet to find any substantial criticisms.
NEC decided to unload their inventory via DAK. Some dealers are
still selling the UL at $1499.00 for the 2mb version.

>Also, are the refurbished ULs sold by Personalized Computing and IME earlier
>versions of the UL which had a few problems (reflection on screen,
>inaccesable battery, ect.) How about DAK? Do they sell the latest version?
I got mine via IME. It is the 2 mg version and looks brand new.
No problems with it so far. I am told it is the version with the
removable battery.

>One more thing. How useful is Microsoft Works. Is the wordprocessor usable
>for long term papers? I would like to specifically know about ROM card

Sorry, I do not have WORKS.

>Thanks, Tom.