UltraLite and LapLink

Scott R. Johnson (apple!aruba.key.com!srj)
Wed, 1 May 91 10:23:21 PDT

>Do you current UL users see anything missing? Yes, that is
>correct. They left out the 5.25 and 3.5 inch diskettes with
>LapLink on them.

I thought the LapLink in the UltraLite was new enough to have the
"auto-clone" (or whatever) feature in it-- that is, you don't need the
disks, because a couple of DOS commands on the transfer system
(including a "ctty comX", I believe) would transfer the LapLink software
to the other machine. Noo? Oh well. Too bad; I hate to carry around
a couple of floppies when the machine doesn't even take the things...