New Baby On The Block...

Douglas Brantley, Cerritos College (BRANTLEY@Cerritos.EDU)
Tue, 30 Apr 1991 17:06 PDT

UPS delivered my UltraLite this morning. I decided to save a few
bucks and buy it from IME in Boston (1-800-999-1911). If you have
been reading this list you will remember that IME was selling a
limited number of the 2 mb ULs at $699.00. These are "factory
serviced" models.

My UL came in the factory shipping box. The machine looks brand
new. The box included the following items:

- UltraLite, 2 mb version;

- Mini-din to RS-232, null modem cable (with a RF bump);

- Two RJ-11 cables (each with a RF bump, very strange);

- AC adapter/battery charger (with a RF bump);

- "Comprehensive User Manual"

- "Portable Guide";

- "Quick Start Guide";

- a listing of ROM card software;

- a NEC UltraLite Service Contract card;

- Official Airline Guide coupon;

- NEC Product Registration/Marketing Survey mailer;

- Coupon/flyer for Traveling Software LapLink release 2
to get a free disk wallet (it expired 01-01-90);

- a Traveling Software License Agreement for LapLink;

- a "Notice To LapLink Users" regarding calling NEC Technical
Support to have them send me an extra cable (deals with
a PC-AT {blah} 9-pin serial cable connection);

Do you current UL users see anything missing? Yes, that is
correct. They left out the 5.25 and 3.5 inch diskettes with
LapLink on them. Now I have a whole bunch of computers around
here to work on but without a copy of LapLink on a diskette the UL
is just a well-lit 4-pound desk rock!

If the machine had BASIC (retch!) or ASM on it I could get a copy
of MS-KERMIT Boot and fly from there but alas no BASIC or ASM in

I called IME and they are shipping it to me. I will call them
again in the morning and make sure the diskettes are on the way.
Now I am held captive until the disks arrive.

Questions for current UL users:

What is the trick with the removable battery? I removed the
battery door and followed the wires into the ROM
compartment. How is the connection made? Did I not look
far enough into the compartment to see the connection?
I am wondering if I really do have the UL with the
removable battery.

Is the Custom Carrying Case from DAK a decent carrying bag?
The price appears to be ok.

Has anybody tried a data compression utility like....

- SquishPlus

- Stacker

- DoubleDisk

I would be interested in any success (failure) stories.

Damn, this UL is small....