Spare parts and manuals available from NEC
Tue, 30 Apr 91 15:46:25 -0400

Actually, they don't seem to want to sell the spare parts directly ...

Anyway, yesterday I spent an hour or so on the phone calling around
to various NEC 800 numbers. The number which gave results was 1-800-388-8888.
This gives access to the Spare Parts and Services division. Apparently this
is primarily a service for dealers, but they'll sell manuals to anyone.

The following manuals for the NEC Ultralite PC1701 (I hope this is
the model number for *our* Ultralite, or this is all just a big waste of
time! 8-) are available:

Part Number Description Price
P10MANUAL Maintenance/Service Manual $61.00
79060483 Comprehensive User's Guide $ 7.87
79060484 Quickstart Guide $11.00
79060485 Portable Guide $11.00

There's a charge of $5.00 shipping and handling, and state sales
tax must be included. Checks should be made out to NEC. The address is:

Attn: Spare Parts
NEC Electronics
159 Swanson Rd.
Boxboro, MA 01719

The woman (Cindy?) who answered the line was leafing through a
catalog to find all this information. Apparently the AC adapter, a
parallel (?!?) adapter (could this be the adapter under development
which was mentioned in the newsletter?), and phone cables are available,
but "you'll have to contact your authorized NEC dealer for those".

I recommend that you call this division before sending any money,
because I think the prices for the manuals are approximate ...

I am seriously debating with myself purchasing the service manual.
If anyone has any experience with it, I'd appreciate your advice. Thanks!

Hope this information has been of some use to you ...

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