Re: Review of NEC UltraLite (DAK)

Brian Smithson (brian@king)
Fri, 5 Apr 1991 10:49:30 PST

On Apr 5, 1:29pm, Fritz Friedlaender wrote:
> Subject: Re: Review of NEC UltraLite (DAK)
> Also got the NEC Ultralite (DAK), relying on the fact that it
> was rated the top notebook just 1.5 years ago by PC Mag and what not.
> An older version of "kermit" might be a good choice for communications.
> The latest version is 110k or such, but an old 50k version might
> have adequate features.

I thought about that, but I'm worried I'll end up wanting xmodem.

> I am interested in exchanging ideas via e-mail, without cluttering
> up the news!

I sent a message to Sy Ali to see if he was planning on setting up a list.
Otherwise, I will. In either case, I'll make sure that you're on the list.

> Have you found a reasonably priced source of the 256k Ramcard that
> DAK does not sell?

Hmmm... I didn't even know that there was one. Can you tell me which issues
of which magazines had reviews of the UltraLite, and/or is there a list of
options and accessories somewhere in the documentation shipped from DAK?
I have to admit that I haven't really gone through it all yet.

> F.J.Friedlaender
> P.S. Kermit is free - I probably have an old version somewhere.
> Have forgotten whether it has adequate features.

I have a copy of 2.31 somewhere and probably an older one too.

> Incidentally, after a very noisy start, I find the disk drive to
> be very quiet.

Yeah, the drive is pretty raucous when it starts up!

> My display requires frequent adjustment of
> contrast and shows some ghosting - do you have the same experience?
> DAK offered a free exchange (incl. postage) but that might be
> an inherent problem with this type of display. And it will take weeks
> to make the exchange - I can get a very readable display except
> for the reflection problem - and I thought they used a non-reflecting
> cover.... (claimed in a review some 12 months ago).

I've noticed that the contrast seems to drift and requires adjustment.
I thought that it had to do with the batteries running down a bit.
Have you noticed the same problem when you're running on AC?

The ghosting problem is pretty bad. I don't have much experience with other
LCD displays, so I don't know if it's better or worse than others.

Thanks for writing. If I don't hear back from Sy pretty soon, I'll go ahead
and set up a list. You'll hear about it when I do.

-Brian Smithson
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