Re: Review of NEC UltraLite (DAK)

Fritz Friedlaender (
Fri, 5 Apr 91 13:29:31 -0500

Also got the NEC Ultralite (DAK), relying on the fact that it
was rated the top notebook just 1.5 years ago by PC Mag and what not.
An older version of "kermit" might be a good choice for communications.
The latest version is 110k or such, but an old 50k version might
have adequate features.
I am interested in exchanging ideas via e-mail, without cluttering
up the news!
Have you found a reasonably priced source of the 256k Ramcard that
DAK does not sell?
P.S. Kermit is free - I probably have an old version somewhere.
Have forgotten whether it has adequate features.
Incidentally, after a very noisy start, I find the disk drive to
be very quiet. My display requires frequent adjustment of
contrast and shows some ghosting - do you have the same experience?
DAK offered a free exchange (incl. postage) but that might be
an inherent problem with this type of display. And it will take weeks
to make the exchange - I can get a very readable display except
for the reflection problem - and I thought they used a non-reflecting
cover.... (claimed in a review some 12 months ago).