Re: Review of NEC UltraLite (DAK)

Fritz Friedlaender (
Fri, 5 Apr 91 20:03:33 -0500

Thanks for your prompt response.
References: PC Computing, Dec 1989, p.27 (tastes differ!) and p. 83.
PC Magazine, Oct. 17, 1989, long comparison of laptops, p.239 -- long.
PC Magazine, March 13, 1990, p.289 - still shows the Ultralite as
Editor's choice. The RAM card (sorry, part number in office) is
mentioned, has battery-backed 256k, fits in slot on right.
List price $299, best offer so far, MicroAge (?) Indianapolis
at $195 (approx. - wrote it down in office).
I ordered the Works ROM card - the 2.0 Works takes up 1/3 of disk
but their communications program supports VT-100, a huge buffer
and xmodem. The older version on card (not received yet, but
I have seen it on disk) does not seem to have buffer but does
have other features, and an adequate, for the road, word processor
with zero space on the silicon disk (for program storage).
$99 is steep but .....
Time for dinner...
Just noted horrible address - will copy to Internet address.