Re: Zoomer questions, answers (?) and observations

GadgetMaster (
Sun, 15 Oct 1995 13:40:32

>The immediate re-entry to my apps after crashing in File
> Transfer mode
>suggested to me that there might be a way to store my
> preferred
>options in the state files and trick the zoomer into
> thinking it was
>coming back from a call to DOS whenever it reboots? How
> does it know
>this? Absence of geos_act.ive? How does it know which apps
> were
>active and which swapped out?

The state of all running apps is saved in a file called UI State;
however, I can't remember which folder GEOS puts it in. I do
remember it shows up in File Manager as a geode, so its physical
filename is probably UI_STATE.000 or something similar.