Re: Zoomer questions, answers (?) and observations

Rob Miller (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:26:28 +0100 (BST)

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995, smith wrote:
> Questions
> 1. How to force an application to exit in standard (non-expert) mode?

After trashing an address book file while removing the pcmcia card it
was on (yes, I put it back in when requested, but then the Zoomer
crashed while trying to write things out !), I gave up and use a
LaunchModel > 0.

> 5. Multiple windows/files possible with new Zoomer Text Editor?

Oh yes, please.

> 6. Optimal memory setting in .ini file?

I set mine up to 64000 with no ill effects; using disk.geo for swap
really slowed things down tho, so I don't use it any more.

> 12. Generate control characters for terminal comm with Graffiti?


> Answers and Observations
> 2. Graffiti sometimes gets locked into a mode where pen taps even
> outside its window are interpreted as punctuation escapes.

especially observed using Quicken when writing the amount field and
there's only one digit to the left of the decimal; not always, tho.

> 3. A crash in "File Transfer" mode which had to be handled with a
> reset brought me back to the apps running before I entered that mode.

That's because file transfer mode is saving all those state files out
before going off to the transfer. Think the same thing happens when you
execute a DOS program, so might not be too hard to write a batch file
to copy the state files somewhere else, then have autoexec.bat copy them
back if you wanted to always reboot to that state.

> 5. The [paths] trick makes Geos tweaks much easier.


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