PRESS RELEASE - new Zoomer/GEOS software - Form Factor (Raul Rathmann)
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Subject: PRESS RELEASE - new Zoomer/GEOS software - Form Factor
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Here's a press release for a new software product for PDAs running GEOS.
It's called Form Factor.

Please note that you should contact Geoworks for more information or for
ordering the product. Geoworks should have spec sheets available via their
fax information service.

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Information follows...



Tim White                     Holly Zmetrovich
MetaPacific Systems, Inc.     The Bohle Company
619.457.3222                  310.785.0515

MetaPacific Releases Form Software for Casio/Tandy PDAs

JANUARY 18, 1994,  SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - MetaPacific Systems, 
Inc., a San Diego-based software corporation, today announced the release
and availability of Form Factor (TM).  Designed for the Casio Z-7000,
Tandy Z-PDA, AST GRiDPAD 2390, Sharp PT-9000 or any other GEOS (TM)-based 
personal digital assistant (PDA), Form Factor is an easy-to-use electronic
forms package for mobile data collection.

The system allows users to create data collection forms on their MS-DOS PC or 
compatible.  Forms are built either graphically, using Microsoft Windows, or 
with any simple DOS text editor.  The system then sends the form to the PDA 
where data is collected and returned back to the PC for processing.  

Any marketing organization can use Form Factor to do polls and product 
surveys.  Individuals can use Form Factor to record expenses when they occur, 
log hours to be billed to a client, or take down a note that needs to make it
back to the user's PC.

"This program extends the Z-7000's use into a critical area Casio is 
addressing," said Bruce Mendel, Director of Marketing, Personal 
Communications Division of Casio, Inc.  "Data collection is the key application 
we get requests for from organizations interested in rolling-out the device.  
That ability alone can justify purchasing the Z-7000 product."

Forms can have a number of fields and objects in them and support fields for 
character data, numbers, and ink data.  Forms also support checkboxes, 
multiple choice questions, and time/date stamping.  Graphic icons, 
backgrounds, and text messages can also be placed.

The low cost of the Form Factor program and its compatible PDA hardware 
allow businesses and individuals to inexpensively collect electronic
information from the field and supply it to their desktop and notebook
computers.  It is ideal for any kind of survey, inspection, or auditing

"Form Factor can serve a basic need for us, " said Dr. Roger Johnson, Senior 
Vice President for SAIC's Center for Mobile Computer Technology.  "I see this 
system as a natural for the kinds of mobile client-server applications we're 
building for our customers."

The Windows form builder is an integrated environment, providing PDA 
installation, form construction, communications, and data conversion.  Separate 
DOS utilities allow integrators and developers to insulate the end-user from 
Form Factor.  This is an opportunity for third party developers and MIS 
departments to create automatic systems for specific types of data collection, 
using Form Factor to take care of the field data acquisition.

"We feel that Form Factor is an excellent example of why the PDA will be 
successful in corporate America", said Charles Feldman, Director of Wireless 
Business Development for MobileMedia - the nation's largest alphanumeric 
paging service.

Form Factor is available through Geoworks Publishing for $99.95.  For further 
information, call (800) 224-2411 X200.
MetaPacific Systems, Inc. was founded in 1991 to create portable data 
processing systems.  Its focus are products that simplify using cost effective 
handheld technology.
Geoworks and GEOS are registered trademarks of Geoworks in the U.S.A. and 
other countries.
MetaPacific and Form Factor are trademarks of MetaPacific Systems, Inc.