Re:multiple questions - sorry!
XXX, 2 Aug 1995 01:42:48 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, Barry!

I'll try to give you a few answers...

<<< What are the advantages/disadvantages of Penright over Geos? >>>

I've never used Penright, so I don't know much about it, but many folks have used Penright on a variety of hand held devices for a few years now. Mostly they use it for "vertical" applications, i.e. applications that are for a specific business purpose. As I understand it, it's a DOS-based development environment so it runs one program at a time. I don't think there are a lot of commercial apps or "user" apps for it, but again, I haven't looked into it in depth.

<<< Is handwritting recognition better with Penright than Geos? Than Grafitti? >>>

On the Zoomer, Graffiti has everything else beat. No contest. I consider it the next most important "must have" after a pcmcia card.

<<< I've just gotten a 2.5Meg Sundisk which has Penpoint on it. It's in an EO subdirectory. Is it only for EO's? Anything of use for the Zoomer in this? Should I format it away? Its taking up over 1 meg. >>>

I don't think Penpoint has any use on a Zoomer. I know better than to throw things away, however, so I would recommend backing it up onto a hard drive or floppy disk before you remove it from the card.

<<< How does one use Dos programs with the Zoomer? >>>

For the most part, one doesn't.
When you get to DOS on the Zoomer, you have no input. The handwriting recognition and floating keyboard are part of GEOS. The only things you can run from DOS are little programs that run, complete their task, and then exit automatically. Personally, about the only thing I do at the DOS prompt on a Zoomer is run batch files that use the COPY command.

One way to run a DOS program is to create a batch file named ZDRIVER.BAT. Put your DOS commands in that batch file. Then double tap the icon for ZDRIVER.BAT in File Manager. If the DOS program doesn't exit, you'll have to reset the unit.

<<< Can I run Dos apps on the Sundisk? >>>

It doesn't matter where the apps reside. They run the same way.

<<< Should I put all notebook files in the Document folder?>>>

I do. Good a place as any. I keep all of mine on the thin card, in c:\geoworks\document. That way they appear as if they were on the b: drive.

<<< Is there a way to have Geos start up after closing the Dos app? Is there anyway to fool Dos apps to accept the keyboard or written input? >>>

If you launch the DOS app as I described above, and if the DOS app exits itself, then it should return you to GEOS automatically. There's no DOS app I know of that will accept user input on the Zoomer, except PenRight.

<<< Has anyone ever successfully upgraded the Ram or ROM? >>>

Not to my knowledge. Adding a pcmcia card is technically adding RAM, but it's used only as if it were disk storage space.

<<<Is it OK to run programs off the Sundisk?>>>

Absolutely. I keep everything on my card.

<<< I did not quite get the point of upgrading the Motif.geo file.... >>>

Me neither.