multiple questions - sorry!
XXX, 1 Aug 1995 18:35:46 -0400 (EDT)

As a newbie, I've been following the ?'s and FAQ's on the various fora for the Zoomer. I've got to give in and ask directions - my wife would be so proud! What are the advantages/disadvantages of Penright over Geos? Is handwritting recognition better with Penright than Geos? Than Grafitti? I've just gotten a 2.5Meg Sundisk which has Penpoint on it. It's in an EO subdirectory. Is it only for EO's? Anything of use for the Zoomer in this? Should I format it away? Its taking up over 1 meg. How does one use Dos programs with the Zoomer? Yes, I read the FAQ, but didn't get a clear view of the process. Anyone willing to hold my hand on this one? When I chose the "Exit to Dos" option on the menu, I eventually end up having to re-start as I get a blank screen that won't accept input. I am using Expert Mode+. Can I run Dos apps on the Sundisk? Should I put all notebook files in the Document folder? Is there a way to have Geos start up after closing the Dos app? Is there anyway to fool Dos apps
to accept the keyboard or written input? Has anyone ever successfully upgraded the Ram or ROM? To what advantage? Is it OK to run programs off the Sundisk? Is there a better way? What can I safely move to it if it's better to keep the program files in B? I did not quite get the point of upgrading the Motif.geo file and how to do it. Can you be more specific? If a train leaves Boston going 55 miles an hour.......

Thanks all!

Barry Weissglass