Re:New Zoomer owner
XXX, 4 Mar 1995 14:53:47 -0400 (EDT)

To use the Zoomer for such purposes I highly reccomend the following;

1) Get PalmConnect or GeoWorks 2.1 (or Geopublish shareware) and a cable to connect your Zoomer to a PC ( hope you don't have a Mac!)

2) Get Formfactor, a program for the zoomer that is a good data collection tool. Completely configurable. Easy to use when creating your own forms. You can have a place for blood gases, other labs, h&p, whatever. Including simple check boxes for yes or no questions such as "Notes done in chart?" You can write drop down menus so that you can select frequently used and limited choice items. There is a shareware demo of this program on the software board

3) Get Graffiti, the 100% accurate, fast handwriting recognition system to replace the crummy recog. system in Zoomers ROM.

4) Get a RAM card to store data so that a crash of your Zoomer doesn't erase your data.


5) Get the enhanced Zoomer files from the software board.

6) Get and read the FAQ on Zoomers. Read these boards to become familiar with terminology and updates, as well as questions by people going through the same learning processes as you.