Re: Second Generation
XXX, 4 Mar 1995 12:15:40 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,

I don't know anything about Casio's plans to bring a second generation Zoomer to market. There are plans & rumors for a few more GEOS based PDAs this year. Hopefully some of the benefits of these new devices will be available to Zoomer users.

I copied the following from an earlier post in the Zoomer newsgroup. I have since found that the information about the Gulliver is taken from PC Week, Nov 21 1994 issue. The HP GEOS based PDA announcement has not been made officially.

<<Hyundai Gulliver PDA

I read about a 386 GEOS PDA being made by Hyndai called Gulliver. It is supposed to be relased in May. Here is what I found:
Hyundai is building a Zoomer-class device. The product, named Gulliver, will have:
33 MHz 386 CPU Zoomer has 8 MHz 8088
1 MB RAM Same as Zoomer
4 MB ROM Same as Zoomer
320 by 480 Screen Zoomer has 256 by 320
GEOS 2.1 New GEOS with "execute in-place" capability. Smaller kernel that can execute applications directly from the ROM.
Graffiti in ROM New neat-o handwriting recognition.
2 PCMCIA Type 2 or 1 Type 3 slot Zoomer has 1 Type 2
voice recording capability
digital telephony capability (no specifics given, can assume that it will allow for two-way wireless comm)
Cost < $500 Zoomer started at $700
Available May 1995

Does anyone know anymore about the HP that is supposed to have GEOS, a
386 and be under $300? When is it due for release?
According to PC Week, it is scheduled to be released in September. I have heard
no other information about it though.>>