Re:Zoomer Dead?
XXX, 28 Feb 1995 21:37:54 -0400 (EDT)

I agree. I bought my Zoomer atthe same time a friend bought his Newton 100 (a month ago). I see much better things in my Zoomer, but it is clear that Casio (as a corporation) is unwilling to do anything with it. It is clearly a vertical piece of hardware, and maybe that's the problem, since Casio is a consumer products corporation.

Rumor is that there are only two people in the entire company that are responsible for support and marketing: WHAT A WASTE. If Casio put half the resources into the Zoomer as Apple did the Newton, the sales would skyrocket.

Even though Zoomers beat Newtons to market, Apple has found time to release not one, but TWO revamped models. I'd be very excited to see the second generation Zoomer, given how impressive the first one is.

Seeing the 'expert mode' traffic here on AOL, it's clear the Zoomer DOES have more potential than it ships with. Boy, with some extra RAM and permanent expert mode...

Dean Yeazel