Zoomer Dead?

XXX, 27 Feb 1995 00:11:03 -0400 (EDT)

About six months back I purchsed the Zoomer and a Newton at the same time. The idea was to evaluate both and return one of them. I found things I liked about both, but it quickily became clear to me that dollar for dollar the Zoomer had it hands down. The unit is smaller and more sharply designed. It has to protective cover, longer battery life, and many built in apps. In fact, if I were to buy the same apps for the Newton, I would spend the price of the unit in software...not to mention batteries. I relize that the Newton is very fast, but in terms of funtionality I can do more with a paper daytimer for a tenth of the price.
All this being said I can't understand why this product is dying a slow death. It is apparant that Casio has abandoned it, and Tandy is following suit. Casio has nobody to blame but their marketing devision. They spent millions on development, but never sold the product. Now a year and a half later the unit is dying an early death.
The reason for writting all this is that I wonder if Casio realizes this product is just now starting to get the recoginsion it deserves. With the lower price out there, a lot of people that had ther eye on the Zoomer, but thought it was too expensive are now buying it. I have been reading these message boards, and I see a lot more interest as of late.
This unit could easily be sold for $250-$299 with plenty of room for profit on Casio's part. Development and production costs have been paid for by now, and all is left is the material cost.

Sorry for being long winded. But I wish Casio/Tandy would rethink this one.