Re:Compatible Memory Cards
XXX, 22 Feb 1995 01:20:27 -0400 (EDT)

Regarding item #2, what version of Geoworks do you have? The file linking requires v2.01. If you have v2.0, the upgrade files are available here in the PDA forum. If you do not, you can download Geopublish and use it to transfer files to the Zoomer or purchase the Ensemble upgrade from Geoworks.

As for the PCMCIA modems, the problem is not just pinout but also some software called an enabler. Currently, Casio is working on providing new drivers for more PCMCIA modems. (Unfortunately, Megahertz modems won't be included due to their power consumption ~250ma, the Z can provide ~50ma!)

As I hear more news, I will post it here.

Chris De Herrera