Re:Compatible... (Gregory742)
XXX, 22 Feb 1995 00:49:00 -0400 (EDT)

Welcome Gregory,

1. Graffiti is an outstanding print recognition program. You learn a slightly modified method of printing--sort of a speed printing. Most of us pick it up in less than an hour. I consider it a MUST HAVE.

You can download a demo here from our library. Your Radio Shack should be able to order it, or you can buy it directly from Palm Computing (800-881-7256). It will replace the recognition currently used in your Zoomer.

2. Can't help you... but hopefully someone else will shortly.

3. Yep, only the AMT Starcard sold by Tandy works in the Zoomer. It does have unique pinouts that make other modem cards incompatible.

Hope you will visit us here often!

Craig de Fasselle (PDA Craig)
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